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Kidepo Valley National Park


Many people refer to Kidepo Valley National Park as Uganda’s most beautiful and fascinating national park. Whether this is true or not, it is definitely the most remote and hardest to access park in the country, all the way in the north western corner of Uganda. Lying in the rugged, semi arid valleys of the Kidepo River and the Narus River, it borders both South Sudan and Kenya. On the other hand it’s remoteness also means that few tourists venture this far out, allowing for a kind of privacy and solitude seldom experienced in other parks of East Africa. Although dry throughout most of the year, attempting a safari here during the rainy season can be a very muddy experience. However, as the only only permanent water in the area is found in the Narus Valley during the dry season, chances of seeing a good number of the park’s 77 mammal species are very high.

The people inhabiting the area are called the Karamojong, a pastoralist tribe related to the Maasai of Kenya.

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