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Nile - Jinja


For hundreds of years, philosophers, historians and explorers have tried to determine the source of the Nile. However, it was only in 1858, when John Hanning Speke arrived at the southern edge of Lake Victoria and claimed he had found the source. Yet there was no proof as of then. Only when Henry Morton Stanley, upon circumnavigating the lake found the great river flowing out northwards at Ripon Falls, were the last doubts dispelled.

Now the Ripon Falls lie submerged, claimed the Owen Falls Hydroelectric Dam in the town of Jinja, which supplies Uganda with most of it’s electricity. Jinja is also referred to as the adventure capital of Uganda, as sports like rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping and quad biking are huge attractions for both local and international tourists. The first stretch of the infant Nile is said to offer some of the best rapids worldwide, and a number of rafting and kayaking companies have sprung up who now make these sports available to even inexperienced rafters.

For those who wish to avoid the possibility of a massive increase in bloodpressure – or for those who have already survived the Nile ordeal – accommodation on a number of islands and on the banks of the river offer a tranquil and relaxing place to stay and just enjoy the beauty of it all. 


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