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Rwenzori Mountains National Park


The Rwenzori Mountains, also known as the “Mountains of the Moon”, make up Africa’s highest mountain range. Boasting 5.109 meters, Margherita Peak is the third highest peak on the continent. Although as a tourist attraction mostly famous to mountain climbers for it’s challenging yet tremendously beautiful ascent to the top, shorter walks on the slopes of the Rwenzoris and cultural experiences with the Bakonzo also offer highlights to travellers. The lower slopes are covered with some of the world’s rarest vegetation, home to around 70 mammal and 217 bird species.

A proper trek to the summit of Margherita Peak should only be attempted by skilled climbers, however the other peaks are more easily accessible but should still not be underestimated, and nonetheless require a number of days to reach.

Part of the mountains are located in western Uganda, while a portion of them belong to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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