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10 Day Best of the West Safari


1. Entebbe – Boma OR Kampala – Hotel Le Petit Village/ Cassia Lodge
2. Kibale NP - Chimps Nest/ Nyinabulitwa (6 h)
3. Kibale NP - Chimps Nest/ Nyinabulitwa
4. Queen Elizabeth NP – Bushlodge (3 h)
5. Queen Elizabeth NP - Bushlodge
6. Ishasha NP - @ The River (3 h)
7. Bwindi NP - Mutanda Resort/ Nkuringo Lodge (7 h) or Bakiga Lodge (5 h)
8. Bwindi NP - Mutanda Resort/ Nkuringo Lodge (Nkuringo) or Bakiga Lodge (Ruhija)
9. Lake Mburo NP – Mihingo (7 h)
10. Lake Mburo NP - Mihingo

Day 1 – Entebbe, The Boma Guest House OR Kampala Hotel Le Petit Village / Cassia Lodge:

After arriving at Entebbe International Airport, Uganda, the comfortable little family run guesthouse is only a few minutes drive away. Here you can relax by the pool while acclimatizing to the tropics after your long flight. Alternatively, a visit to the Botanical gardens or Lake Victoria, are also possible. Alternatively, your first night may be spent in a lovely hotel in Kampala city, which gives you the opportunity to dive into the day-to-day life of the country’s capital city.

Day 2 –Kibale Forest National Park, Chimps Nest or Nyinabulitwa:

We are heading out to western Uganda. Approaching our destination, we slowly begin ascending to the higher altitudes of Fort Portal in the shadow of the ‘Mountains of the Moon’. You will be spending the night conveniently close to Kibale Forest National Park, home to over 600 chimpanzees.

Day 3 Kibale Forest National Park, Chimps Nest or Nyinabulitwa:

Reportedly the best place in the world for seeing chimpanzees is Kibale Forest National Park. A morning trek may get you face to face with man’s closest relative. Did you know that we share up to 98% of a chimp’s genes? That makes us 98% chimp!

In the afternoon a walk through the Bigodi Swamp is planned. A local women’s group decided to battle poverty by setting up a cultural and nature attraction, where guests can get an insight in the way of life out here.

After a long day on your feet, it is time to relax at the lodge a bit.

Day 4 – Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bushlodge:

It’s about a 3 hour drive to Bushlodge, depending on what you see once you enter Queen Elizabeth national park. Elephants often cross the road and have right of way! Situated on the banks of the Kazinga channel, Hippos frequently leave the safety of the water to come and graze on the lodge grounds.

Day 5 – Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bushlodge:

There is more chance of seeing lion, leopard and hyena etc. if you get up at first light and go on a game drive. It’s lovely to drive towards Lake George on the other side of the park where Lion are often spotted. Hopefully you will see the Giant forest Hog which are extremely rare but commonly found in this park in Uganda.If want to see lots of animals but don’t want to get back in the car, why not go on the launch trip which takes 2 hours and is a relaxing way to see lots of game and over 612 species of birds can be spotted along the channel.

Day 6 – Ishasha Wilderness Camp, Ishasha Sector-Queen Elizabeth National park:

After breakfast you’ll have have a 2 hour drive to Ishasha, famous for its tree climbing lions. This southern most part of Queen Elizabeth national park is truly beautiful. With its huge fig trees and open grassland; it’s just like paradise. You’ll stay in a lovely camp on the edge of the Ntungwe River. Enjoy the close to nature experience of sleeping while listening to the sounds of the African night.

Day 7 – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

This journey will take you from open savannah, climbing into the hills, through the occasional Ugandan village. Then you will descend into a completely different world of steep V-shaped valleys, covered with untouched primary rain forest as far as the eye can see. A world apart from the savannah of Queen Elizabeth National Park. You’ll need a rain coat and warm clothes as there are frequent tropical downpours. Accommodation depends on where the group of gorillas you are scheduled to track are located.

Day 8 – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

As you wake early to the exotic sounds of the forest it’s hard not to feel full of excitement for the adventure ahead. Trekking Gorillas in the mist can take anything from 1 and half hours to 8 hours! Chances of seeing the gorillas are very high as each group is closely monitored and the ranger guides accompanying you do everything they can to help you find these magnificent primates. Your experienced guides have an incredible wealth of knowledge with regards to the flora and fauna of the rain forest.

Day 9 – Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburo National Park:

Today is a longish drive, about 7 hours to Mihingo lodge where you can really relax and feel at home. Lake Mburo is a small and attractive park with many lakes and it is home to the Bahima tribe and the beautiful long horned Ankole cows. If you haven’t already seen a Leopard then you will have a good chance to see one here. Buffalo, Eland, Zebra, Impala, Waterbuck, Topi, warthog and bush buck are plentiful.

Mihingo lodge is spread out over a rocky outcrop, each room with its own unique view and privacy. Mihingo is blessed with the tranquility that solar polar provides.

This is a spectacular lodge that blends into its surroundings and is at one with nature. You can enjoy the excitement of sleeping in a tent with the luxury of an adjoining spacious stone bathroom.

Day 10 – Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburo National Park:

After trekking Gorillas, Mihingo lodge is the ultimate in relaxation where you can immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of the location simply by sitting on your verandah with a good book or lying by the infinity pool and watching the animals at the waterhole below without having to leave the premisis at all. Early morning tea and coffee are brought to your room and all meals are eaten in the main thatched dining room. Mihingo lodge serves wonderful fresh buffets and has an excellent reputation for very good food.                         

Lake Mburo is the only national park in Uganda where you can ride horses. Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider it is a wonderful way to see the animals and feel part of nature. You can choose from a 1 hour walk on a horse up to a 4 hour ride.

If you are feeling rather stiff from your Gorilla trekking why not treat yourself to a soothing Mihingo massage. The proceeds of which go to the MCCDF which is a project that compensates local farmers for livestock killed by Leopard, Lion or Hyena.

In the afternoon we suggest a game drive is to Kazuma look-out. It’s good to leave the lodge between 3 or 4 and takes as it takes about an hour to drive to Kazuma. From here you will see a stunning panoramic view of the 6 surrounding lakes. It’s fun to take a sun-dower with you and drive back to the lodge leaving Kazuma at 6ish to increase your chances of seeing a Leopard on the way home.


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