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10 Day Best of the West Safari


1. Entebbe – The Boma
2. Kibale NP - Ndali/Kyaninga (6 h)
3. Kibale NP - Ndali/Kyaninga
4. Queen Elizabeth NP - Mweya/Katara (3 h)
5. Queen Elizabeth NP - Mweya/Katara
6. Ishasha NP – Ishasha Wilderness Camp (3 h)
7. Bwindi NP - Mahogany Springs/ Buhoma Lodge (3 h)
8. Bwindi NP - Mahogany Springs/ Buhoma Lodge
9. Lake Mburo NP - Mihingo (7 h)
10. Lake Mburo NP - Mihingo

Day 1 – Hotel Emin Pasha, Kampala:

After arriving at Entebbe International Airport, we will pick you up and head into Kampala. On your first day in Uganda, you can chose to either get acclimatized over a full body massage in the Spa, or, if you are out for adventure, go for a trip into the seething, pulsating heart of Kampala.

You will be staying at the Emin Pasha, a boutique Hotel close to, yet seemingly a world apart from the hustle and bustle of Kampala street life. Excellent food and service will guarantee you a perfect beginning to an amazing trip!

Day 2 – Ndali Lodge, Kibale Forest National Park:

We are heading out to western Uganda. Approaching our destination, we slowly begin ascending to the higher altitudes of Fort Portal in close proximity with the Rwenzori Mountains. Kyaninga Lodge/Ndali Lodge (Description of Lodge follows) is your home for now and is located conveniently close to Kibale Forest National Park, home to over 600 chimpanzees.

Day 3 – Ndali Lodge, Kibale Forest National Park:

It’s going to be a looong day! But full of marvel! Today, get ready to join the researchers in their work following a group of chimpanzees in the forest. The aim is to get the chimps accustomed or habituated to human presence without interfering in their natural behavior. This is important, as the only way to generate funds urgently needed for the conservation of man’s closest relative (Did you know that we share up to 98% of a chimp’s genes? That makes us 98% chimp!) is through enabling people to catch a glimpse of them. While accompanying the researchers in their work, you have the chance of seeing the chimps de-nesting early in the morning, foraging and playing during the day, and building new nests for the night in the evening.

After this you will be more than looking forward for some relaxing time at the lodge.

Day 4 – Katara Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park:

Today’s journey takes you due south, across the equator, and into Queen Elizabeth National Park. How about a short gamedrive in the Kasenyi Area of the park just to get a first impression of what this park has to offer? After that it is on to Katara Lodge, situated perching on the edge of the Albertine Rift Valley, with a sheer endless view of the savannah and the Rwenzori Mountains and the Blue Mountains in the Congo forming a perfect backdrop on a clear day. You can at times even see elephants crossing in the plain far below you.

Day 5 – Katara Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park:

An early start at 6am gives you the best chances of spotting lions, spotted hyenas and, if you are lucky, the lone leopard making himself comfortable in a tree to sleep through the heat of the day. Other wildlife worth noting are Elephants, Buffalo, Uganda Kob, Bushbuck and Giant Forest Hogs.

You will return to Katara Lodge for a late breakfast and couple of hours to relax before heading out to another boat ride – this time on the Kazinga Channel, which links Lake George in the North with lake Edward further South.

The channel boasts the highest density of hippos anywhere in the country and the sheer number of birds is out of this world. Many of the park’s over 612 species of birds can be spotted along the channel making this a must-go destination for anybody interested in birds.

On the way back to the lodge, it is the perfect time of day to see herds of elephants making their way to or from the channel. Don’t be surprised to find them in the road causing minor delays. After all, one of the most important rules to obey in the wild: Elephants have the right of way – at all times!

Day 6 – Mahogany Springs, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

Much of the road to the gorillas takes you through Queen Elizabeth National Park. Elephants, Buffalo, Uganda Kob, Waterbuck and Topi are among the more common sights you can expect to see while driving through the park. Towards the end of the journey, we leave the savannah and head deep into the jungle into the home of the Mountain Gorillas! Enjoy a restful night while mentally preparing yourselves for the following morning’s trek to see Diane Fossey’s world famous mountain gorillas.

Day 7 – Mahogany Springs, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

No other activities are planned for this day except for tracking the mighty mountain gorilla, as the trek can take anything from 1 ½ to 7 hours, depending on where you will find the gorillas. Chances of seeing the gorillas are very high, as each group is closely monitored and the rangers accompanying your trek go to great lengths to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Day 8 – Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburo National Park:

The drive from Bwindi to Lake Mburo takes you from the stunning scenic beauty of “Africa’s Switzerland” into the heartland of Uganda’s pastoralist Ankole-tribe, who are famous for their long horned Ankole cows. Lake Mburo National Park lies in southern Uganda and apart from an incredible array of birdlife, is teeming with Impala and Uganda’s largest zebra population.

The breathtaking Mihingo Lodge will be your home for the coming three nights, so make yourselves comfortable with a sundowner overlooking the waterhole which attracts everything from buffalo, warthogs and impala to zebra, bushbuck and even the majestic eland. After nightfall use the opportunity to see the resident family of bush babie (Thick Tailed Galagos) interact with each other.

Enjoy 3 nights in ultimate luxury!

Day 9 – Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburo National Park:

If you are interested in horseback riding, there is no way you can forego the experience of riding through the African bush sitting on the back of a horse! You will find this to be a completely new kind of experience, as you get much closer to wild animals on horseback as opposed to approaching them with a car. For those who prefer walking on their own 2 legs, a walking safari through the park is also quite an unforgettable experience. However, if you prefer a leisurely morning at the lodge, Mihingo Lodge offers an array of alternatives you can chose from: You can go for a swim in the pool overlooking the waterhole, conceal yourself in the hide while watching the wildlife from a concealed position, play tennis or get to know something about the life of the Bahima, the pastoralist tribe inhabiting this area.

After lunch, a gamedrive through the park will reveal the multitude of game and stunning landscape the park has to offer. An afternoon boat ride on Lake Mburo itself gives you the chance to sit back and watch the wildlife activity on the lakeshore drift by.

Dinner will be served at the lodge again, after which a night gamedrive in an open Land Rover will reveal a completely different side of the bush. Hyenas are regularly spotted on these drives and even leopards may be seen.

Day 10 – The Boma, Entebbe:

All things must end at some point and as the circle closes, we are back at the Boma. Only that this time you have a host of memories to dwell on while recapitulating the events of the past 10 days in The Pearl of Africa.


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