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17 Day Fly in Safari


  1. Apoka – fly in
  2. Apoka
  3. Apoka
  4. Paraa – fly in
  5. Paraa
  6. Ndali – fly in
  7. Ndali
  8. Mweya – drive in
  9. Mweya
  10. Ishasha Wilderness Camp – drive in
  11. Ishasha Wilderness Camp
  12. Mahogany Springs – drive in
  13. Mahogany Springs
  14. Mihingo – drive in
  15. Mihingo
  16. Mihingo
  17. Emin Pasha – drive in

Day 1 - Apoka Lodge, Kidepo Valley National Park:

As you fly into the Kidepo valley you’ll see what is famed to be the most spectacular and un-spoilt national park in East Africa. Tucked away in the far north eastern corner of Uganda, magnificent mountains and game scattered plains; Kidepo Valley is a breathtaking park. It’s just 5 minutes to Apoka lodge with a beautiful view and luxurious accommodation. After your long journey to Uganda, you’ll probably like to spend the morning relaxing at the lodge or lying by the pool. Looking across the Narus valley up into the Napori hills one can often see elephant, water buck, hartebeast, buffalo, zebra and warthogs grazing. There is no need to rush anywhere when you’re in heaven.

Day 2 – Apoka Lodge, Kidepo Valley National Park:

An early morning game drive is an exciting way to start the day. Compared to other parks in East Africa you are unlikely to see any other vehicles. You will probably have the whole park to yourself and be able to explore in complete peace. Animals in Ugandan national parks are not collared and radio tracked so you really have to use your eyes to look for them and the knowledge of your guide to find them. It’s far more exciting this way. You are likely to see enormous herds of buffalo, elephant, lion, Burchell’s zebra, Rothschild giraffe, many more plains game and if you’re lucky cheetah.

After lunch you might feel like visiting…. Or indulging in a well deserved massage.

Day 3 - Apoka Lodge, Kidepo Valley National Park:

This morning you may feel like the unforgettable experience of a walk in the bush for a few hours with a professional armed guide. There is nothing more exciting than stalking a herd of Elephant as they roam through a glade of acacia trees or getting close to zebra, waterbuck and many other plains game.

Day 4 – Paraa Safari Lodge, Murchison Falls National Park:

After breakfast you will take a 40 minute flight to Murchison Falls national park. The landscape is wild and beautiful; a mixture of dessert, sand rivers and open savannah. As you approach the airstrip you will fly over the awe-inspiring Murchison falls. The Victoria Nile flows east west bisecting the park and erupts through a gap just 21 feet wide and 140 feet high into the devils cauldron where it then begins a quiet wider course down to Lake Albert. On the northern bank, Paraa lodge over-looks the Nile towards the setting sun.

After lunch we highly recommend a boat trip to the foot of the Murchison falls. You will be able to view abundant wildlife along the banks of the Nile from thesafety of the boat; Elephant, buffalo, hippo, waterbuck, countless crocodiles, black and white colobus monkeys and leopard if you are lucky. The park also boasts an incredible variety of birds totaling 332 resident species including the rare shoebill stork, the giant king fisher and the pels fishing owl.

Day 5 - Paraa Safari Lodge, Murchison Falls National Park:

After breakfast we suggest a trip to the top of Murchison falls before it gets too hot. Having crossed the Nile by ferry a 40 minute drive takes you to the top of the falls. One can feel the thundering power of the water in the rocks beneath your feet and the spray of fine mist on your face. As the Nile spills over the ancient rocks that form the western rift valley wall much of its youthful energy is lost as it explodes through the 7m gorge and into the turbulent water below. By midday it’s extremely hot and time to get back to the lodge for lunch. This is where Paraa lodge’s enormous pool with it’s under water bar stools is a refreshing retreat.

In the afternoon it is lovely to go on a game drive to the delta known as the Buligi circuit which leads down to Lake Albert. You will see lots of Uganda Kob, water buck, elephant, buffalo, and lion to mention but a few.

 If you are a keen fisherman the fishing at Murchison falls is in a class of its own, nothing compares to it. You can book a boat and spend the after-noon fishing for any of the 38 different angling species found below the falls including the giant Nile Perch (Lates niloticus) and tiger fish (hydrocyon lineatus). One of the largest Nile perch caught in recent years weighed an unbelievable 108kg.

Day 6 – Ndali Lodge, Kibale Forest National Park:

After breakfast, a short 30 minute game drive across the park to the airstrip you will board your plane to Kasese which is a 50 minute flight. You’ll fly over Lake Albert through the Rift valley and land at Fort Portal. Stepping out of the plane you’ll experience a cooler, fresher climate typical of the foothills of the Mountains of the Moon. Ndali lodge is situated on the edge of a crater lake with views of the Rwenzoris or ‘Mountains of the Moon’. Staying at Ndali lodge is like going back in time. Breakfast is served under the vines of a passion fruit creeper over looking an emerald green crater lake. Evening meals are magical and eaten by candle light and the cooking is superb. You will experience luxury and comfort from a bygone era.

Day 7 – Ndali Lodge, Kibale Forest National Park:

We strongly advise you to go and see the chimps while you stay at Ndali. You’ll have to get up early as it’s a 40 min drive to Kibale Forest. The guides here are excellent and will take you on an unforgettable forest walk sharing with you their endless knowledge of the rainforest and the primates within. A walk in the Kibale forest is a fascinating and exciting experience. Seeing the chimps in their natural habit swinging through the forest canopy is wonderful. Sometimes they come down and forage on the ground and if you are lucky enough to follow them while they hunt it’s an unforgettable, exciting and very noisy experience!

Day 8 – Mweya Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park:

It’s about a 3 hour drive to Mweya lodge depending on what you see once you enter Queen Elizabeth national park. Elephants often cross the road and have right of way! Situated in a truly stunning location at the end of a peninsula between Lake Edward and the Kazinga channel, Mweya is surrounded by water and has an awesome view. The game viewing is fantastic. The lodge is quite large, attractive and has a wonderful verandah where you eat all your meals as well as a pool and health spa.

If you want to see lots of animals but don’t want to get back in the car, why not go on the launch trip which takes 2 hours and is a relaxing way to see lots of game and over 612 species of birds can be spotted along the channel.

Day 9 – Mweya, Queen Elizabeth National Park:

There is more chance of seeing lion, leopard and hyena etc. if you get up at first light and go on a game drive. It’s lovely to drive towards Lake George on the other side of the park where Lion are often spotted. Hopefully you will see the Giant forest Hog which are extremely rare and only found in this park in Uganda. Return to Mweya for a delicious cooked breakfast on the verandah.

Day 10 – Ishasha Wilderness Camp, Ishasha Sector-Queen Elizabeth National Park:

After breakfast you’ll have a 2 hour drive to Ishasha, famous for its tree climbing lions. This southern most part of Queen Elizabeth national park is so beautiful. With its huge fig trees and open grassland; it’s just like paradise. You’ll stay in a lovely tented camp on the edge of the Ntungwe River with friendly service and delicious food. Enjoy the close to nature experience of sleeping under canvas and experience the sounds of the African night.

Day 11 – Ishasha Wilderness Camp, Queen Elizabeth National Park:

Perhaps you’ll feel like a peaceful morning at the camp. After breakfast you could go on a game drive to look for the tree climbing lions that sleep in the trees during the midday sun to escape the biting flies.

Day 12 – Mahogany Springs, Buhoma - Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

This journey will take you from open savannah, climbing into the hills, through the occasional Ugandan village. Then you will descend into a completely different world of steep V-shaped valleys, covered with untouched primary rain forest as far as the eye can see. A world apart from the grasslands of Ishasha. You’ll need a rain coat and warm clothes as there are frequent tropical downpours. Mahogany Springs is a luxurious haven with very high standards where your every need will be catered for.

Day 13 – Mahogany Springs, Buhoma - Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

As you wake early to the exotic sounds of the forest it’s hard not to feel full of excitement for the adventure ahead. Tracking Gorillas in the mist can take anything from 1 and half hours to 8 hours! Chances of seeing the gorillas are very high as each group is closely monitored and the ranger guides accompanying you do everything they can to help you find these magnificent primates. Your experienced guides have an incredible wealth of knowledge with regards to the flora and fauna of the rain forest.

Day 14 – Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburo National Park:

Today is a longish drive, about 6 hours to Mihingo lodge where you can really relax and feel at home, spending 3 or 4 nights in one place. You can choose from doing as little or as much as you like. Lake Mburo is a small and attractive park with many lakes and it is home to the Bahima tribe and the beautiful long horned Ankole cows. If you haven’t already seen a Leopard then you will have a good chance to see one here. Buffalo, Eland, Zebra, Impala, Waterbuck, Topi, warthog and bush buck are plentiful.

Mihingo lodge is spread out over a rocky outcrop, each room with its own unique view and privacy. Mihingo is blessed with the tranquility that solar polar provides.

This is a spectacular lodge that blends into its surroundings and is at one with nature. You can enjoy the excitement of sleeping in a tent with the luxury of an adjoining spacious stone bathroom.

Day 15 – Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburo National Park:

After trekking Gorillas, Mihingo lodge is the ultimate in relaxation where you can immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of the location simply by sitting on your verandah with a good book or lying by the infinity pool and watching the animals at the waterhole below without having to leave the premises at all. Early morning tea and coffee are brought to your room and all meals are eaten in the main thatched dining room. Mihingo lodge serves wonderful fresh buffets and has an excellent reputation for very good food.              

Lake Mburo is the only national park in Uganda where you can ride horses. Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider it is a wonderful way to see the animals and feel part of nature. You can choose from a 1 hour walk on a horse up to a 4 hour ride.

If you are feeling rather stiff from your Gorilla trekking why not treat yourself to a soothing Mihingo massage. The proceeds of which go to the MCCDF which is a project that compensates local farmers for livestock killed by Leopard, Lion or Hyena.

A night game drive is a very exciting way of looking for nocturnal creatures for example, Leopard, lion, Hyena, bush pig, civet and Serval. You often see white tailed mongoose and Genet cats as well as bush babies, night jars and Verreaux Eagle owls. Not to forget Buffalo, Zebra, Impala, Topi and bush buck.


Day 16 – Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburo National Park:

An early morning walk before breakfast is a wonderful way to start the day.

You can either walk from the lodge with a ranger and explore the valley below Mihingo or drive to the headquarters and walk where you have greater chance of seeing hyena or do the swamp walk where you might see the very rare Shoe Bill. For bird lovers the boat trip at Lake Mburo is very good. You may see the African Finn foot, White backed heron and other rare water birds.


In the afternoon we suggest a game drive to Kazuma look-out. It’s good to leave the lodge between 3 or 4 as it takes about an hour to drive to Kazuma. From here you will see a stunning panoramic view of the 6 surrounding lakes. It’s fun to take a sun-dower with you and drive back to the lodge leaving Kazuma at 6ish to increase your chances of seeing a Leopard on the way home.

Day 17 – Emin Pasha Hotel

You can either leave Mihingo after a leisurely breakfast or after an early lunch at 12.30. The drive will take you approximately 5 hours. Kampala is a vibrant city full of life and activity. Built on 7 hills, Kampala is green and tropical and the perfect temperature at all times of the year. Full of bicycles, bodas, taxis and mini buses; Kampala is a friendly town full of smiling faces and terrible traffic! The Emin pasha is an oasis of calm in the centre of Kampala located on Nakesero hill; with luscious gardens and a beautiful pool and health spa to soothe your soul. Enjoy an excellent dinner on your last night in the Pearl of Africa.


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